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Who’s On Your Team?

Have you ever had a question and you didn’t quite know who to ask?  You ask your fellow colleagues and somehow you get 5 different answers?  I have found myself in that position many times! Who do I turn to? My title company will 90% of the time have the correct answer or at least can direct me where I need to go.  Your title company is invaluable and an integral part of your team in your real estate transaction.

From title defects, searches, closing packages, communication, support, advocate – they are working on your behalf and are glad to do so.  It’s important to choose those people that will elevate your business.  It’s a busy time and your title company can help with that.

Have you worked with Dolly Peay and Traci Pulley with Venture Title?  You should! They go above and beyond to make sure your closing is smooth and stress free! They are ALL these things and then some!  I’m not sure how they do it but I’m so glad they do! Thank you VENTURE TITLE!

Venture Title Website



Tina Redding/EXIT Real Estate Solutions/Office (615)826-0001/Cell (615)268-5985

Each Office Independently Owned & Operated



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