Buyer Information

The Real Estate Market is Tough!

Meet Izzy and Blake! Izzy, Blake, and their mom, Jesi, worked tirelessly to find the perfect house in the perfect location. Over a 4 month period we wrote no less than 6 contracts. This market is tough! All offers were multiple and our bid was never accepted until Jesi drove by a home for rent. By just asking if the owner would be willing to sell, Jesi now had an opportunity to purchase a home and have a chance at actually winning the bid. And she DID! The transaction wasn’t without challenges but we sailed through them with patience and grace. Lots of folks helped in that process – Jerry Summers with Farmers Bank and Dolly Peay with Venture Title. We couldn’t have done it without them and I’m thankful for a great TEAM of folks to work with. You never will know the answer until you ask the question! So thankful you drove by there Jesi! Sometimes the answer is YES!

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