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It’s a Crazy Real Estate Market!

TRUE STORY! Within hours on the market, the sellers received multiple offers. Accepted offer above list price (check). Inspections negotiated (check). Appraisal received, price – no problem, repairs – another story. Older home and to finance the sellers have to fix some things and they do. But, do you know how busy contractors are these days?

We get through that hurdle and must now wait for approval from USDA. We are down to the wire to close or extend for the second time. Bam! Approval! Yay! Moving forward. Closing day! No kidding closing docs are exchanged under an umbrella because the bottom fell out of the sky at that moment.

Did I paint the picture well? Real Estate is a series of up and down motions (and emotions) during the course. And this is a typical today. To have a transaction proceed without incident is rare.

But, at the end of the day, these sellers met their goal of selling their rental home at a profit. And the buyer…single mom with 2 children starting their future in one of the best cities in Middle TN – White House. I am blessed to have participated in this adventure! Thank you Kim & Randy for allowing that! I would do it again, and again, and again!

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