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What does the EXIT Convention 2017 mean to me?

On the flight back to Nashville from Dallas, I reflected on the last 4 days that had flown by quickly. I concluded that my entire outlook on EXIT has changed since the beginning of my trip.

Why did I go to convention in the first place? EXIT made a decision to partner with a motivational Real Estate trainer, Brian Buffini, and there were several agents from my office that benefited from his Peak Producer Pilot Program. I’m pretty confident the program was life-changing for many if not all that participated. The expectation was that you must attend convention.

I had several conversations with myself that went in this direction: “Convention is too expensive.” DO IT ANYWAY. “I’m not comfortable in crowds of people.” DO IT ANYWAY. “Please don’t ask me to talk to people.” This one is so bizarre. I’m a Real Estate Agent for goodness’ sake. That’s what I do! DO IT ANYWAY.

I also thought Corporate EXIT was unapproachable because that has been my experience with other corporate jobs in the past. I was dead wrong. When you can pass top-level executives in the hall, make direct eye contact, shake their hand, AND they say glad to see ya, you really do believe they are different and encourage people and purpose over profit. Do KW and Re/Max do that? How many founders and chairmen make sure we give thanks before the meal at our final gathering? Yep, all in attendance held hands as a “family.”

These are just some of the things I heard this week. It is not word for word, but you’ll get the picture. My writing could not keep up with my thoughts.

“Form good habits and become their slave.” Verl Workman

“I thirsted for the commitment of it all.” Diana Nyad

“You have to make emotional deposits before you can make financial deposits.” Brian Buffini

“Vulnerability is POWER! Share yourself with other people.” John Lim

“Clean house, trust God, help others.” Larry Gardner

“Everything I’m seeking is seeking me.” Sherese Seevers

“Three nonnegotiables when interviewing with Real Estate companies: 1. Culture that involves family, community, service, and changes lives both externally and internally. 2. Training to lead me how to fly consistently over time to reach my potential 3. Company that provides financially today and in the future. EXIT was the only company of 8 that I interviewed that met those criteria.” Derrick Power

“Be present! Don’t ever let your frisbee hit the ground.” Craig Witt

“People and purpose before profit.” Tami Bonnell

“Always be the Sea Biscuit in the race. Be the dark horse.” Steve Morris

“Doubt is the father of fear.” Steve Morris (Because I love Steve Morris)

I had three goals as I began my journey to convention: what information can I share with others that will save time, money, and increase my productivity to make a good living.

Time – Tami Bonnell, CEO, taught us how to breathe through our heart and meditate. Meditation will reduce stress, and when you reduce stress you have a clarity you didn’t have before that allows you to focus on the task at hand. As a result you get more done in a day.

Money – There were a number of vendors offering their latest and greatest deal. It really wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before or something that I just couldn’t live without. However, the biggest investment you can make for your career is to sign up for 2018 convention when the early bird special is announced. I promise you will NOT regret it.

Increased Productivity – Brian Buffini teaches us to be relational with our clients and not transactional. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Mr. Buffini was invited to speak at over 24 events this year. He chose two events, NAR and EXIT Convention. That says something about the partnership between Buffini and EXIT. He is a phenomenal speaker, and when Ed offers the class to the rest of the agents in our office, you need to jump as quickly as you can. You will not be disappointed. It’s your future.

Since this was my first convention, it’s hard for me to compare this convention to previous years. My guess is that each year Corporate focuses on a running theme to focus on and how to present that to their “family” of agents and brokers. This year there were a number of speakers that offered their wisdom, experience, and inspiration. We all gleamed something different from the convention. And, at the end of the day, it was the “fuel for our gas tanks” (Craig Witt, President EXIT US). Doesn’t that save us all money and time and make us more productive going forward? It is our “relentless pursuit” to become the champion we all are (Steve Morris, CEO). Priceless!

I’ll be at convention next year, and I hope to see you there!


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