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Important Notes About Kunversion

  • Sync with Google – must have a gmail email.
  • Enter this (615)374-7747 into your mobile as a contact. This is your smart number and everyone has the same number but a separate sub-domain.
  • Leads can register either by entering an email or telephone # but not always both.
  • When the automated call comes in you can select #1 to be connected to the lead or #2 to send a text to the lead.
  • Alerts are automatically created by KV within 48 hours based on their search criteria. KV suggests setting up the alerts as soon as possible.
  • KV identifies Leads, Clients, Past Clients.
  • Organize your leads with #hashtags.
  • KV works best in Chrome.
  • Drip campaigns can be turned off on the account level but KV doesn’t recommend it.
  • Load the mobile app asap to receive notifications.
  • Tons of short videos and tutorials under Training on the Dashboard.
  • If a Lead comes to you from your marketing efforts in FB (ala carte) the hashtag is #alafbbuyer
  • If a Lead comes to you from the rotation the hashtag is #kvpaidgbuyer.
  • The last blog written is on every sub-domain site and will go out to leads on their listing alerts.
  • If you participate in the lead rotation and you do not log into the site, after 14 days you will automatically be taken out of the rotation and will NOT receive further leads from the rotation.

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