The Story You Tell

People don’t buy houses; they buy lifestyles. It’s imperative to develop a special narrative in your marketing.

Start With a Strong Description.

Buyers are looking on the web for properties so writing descriptions with punch is critical.  Include photos that showcase the property’s unique qualities.

Amazing Photos

Shoot your own photos or hire a professional. Focus on the elements that matter most, stage your home, and maintain consistency across your shots. Create a YouTube video of your home to generate additional exposure.

Create a Message

What is your property known for? Hone in – target buyers and compare their needs with the values of your home to find a happy medium. Your words should play to the strengths of your home’s style, the neighborhood, and the lifestyle a buyer would value. Find that special something about your home that stands out compared to other properties. What is your “It” factor? It can be a feature, a striking view, a feeling. If your marketing doesn’t showcase uniqueness about your home, you’d be hard-pressed to get buyers interested.

Your home tells a story. Buyer’s are looking to buy a “house” and turn it into a “home”.  What is your story?